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Auction and Rail Pass

(NEW!) In your Registration Package you will find a Rail Pass and Auction Bidding Card. Keep this card with you as you run trains and bring it to the Auction.


We have a lot of Operating Divisions at the Capitol Limited N Scale East 2014, most will be DCC, but DC will be available as well. Not only is there one large loop transiting several Divisions, many have one or two loops within their Division or are independent Divisions, run by participating NTRAK clubs, separate from the main layout. Complete rules for running on any of the Divisions are included in the Convention Program. This is a great opportunity to run on some of the many variants of NTRAK. If you didn’t bring a DC or DCC engine, don’t forget we have a lot of vendors willing to sell you one!  We may even have a loaner train to run on the narrow gauge Nn3 Division!

After you complete running on a Division hand the Rail Pass to a member of Northern Virginia NTRAK (NVNTRAK), the folks wearing the yellow convention shirts, and they will initial the back of the card with the Division Name.  See if you can complete running on all the Divisions before the end of the convention and we will have a special door prize for you.


The auction will be Saturday night, August 9th, from 7 PM until 9 PM, in the Expo Center near the food service area. All registered attendees and their families are invited. Snacks will be served and you will be able to run trains. Hopefully some preferred vendors will be open for business as well. We’ll also have some door prizes.

Our auction items come from many of the well-known manufacturers and include locos, rolling stock, DVDs, books, railroadiana and tools.

We will have two auctions running at the same time; only registered attendees can bid so bring your bidding card. The Silent auction will start at 7 PM and close at 8:45 PM. You can bid in increments as noted on the bidding sheet or you can win the item immediately at the BUY IT NOW price… just contact an auction assistant.  The live auction will begin at 7:15 PM and continue until we sell the last item.

You can pay for your items at the cashier with cash, check, credit card or PayPal. Take your BUY IT NOW bid sheet to the cashier immediately and then show the receipt to the auction assistant. For other silent auction items, pay the cashier after the auction closes and then take the receipt to the auction assistant. For live auction items, go to the cashier and pay and pick up your item immediately after your win.


    • Saturday, 7-9 PM, Expo Center Food Area
  • Live and Silent "Buy it Now" auctions
  • Only Registered Convention Attendees Can Bid
  • Layout Open - Run Trains
  • Bring the Family - Door Prizes, Snacks & Beverages
(NEW!) Partial List of Auction Items:
CSX Bathgon Coalporter      Athearn
CSX Ballast Hopper              Walthers
Gunderson Double Stacks     Kato
Articluated Auto Carriers     Atlas
NS 86' Auto Parts Boxcar      Bluford Shops
Alberta Covered Hopper       InterMountain
Wabash Covered Hoppers    BLMA
CP COFC w/containers         Micro-Trains
NW Ok Bulkhead Flat Car    Micro-Trains
CP Double Stack 
w/ 2 containers      Walthers
UP SD70M w/DCC                 Kato      
CN C44-9W w/DCC                Kato