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Final Layout Diagram

posted Aug 4, 2014, 7:27 PM by Steven Jackson

Since registration is closed, we have the final layout diagram.

Please find attached:
-the layout diagram
-the list of NTRAK modules (by attendee ID and Name)
-the list of T-TRAK modules (by attendee ID and Name)

Some have said that they have a hard time seeing the details in the diagrams when they view the pdf if their web browser. Please download the pdf if you have having trouble and view a local copy. The resolution of the file is set so that you can view all of the module details.

See you Thursday and Enjoy!


On-line Registration and Ordering for the Capitol Limited are closed!

posted Aug 4, 2014, 5:08 AM by Bill Rutherford   [ updated Aug 4, 2014, 5:11 AM ]

Online registration for the Capitol Limited N Scale East 2014 convention, ordering convention cars, and ordering tickets for the B&O Museum and VRE Yard tours have all closed.

These will all be available for sale at the Registration Desk and Company Store on-site at the convention, starting at 8 am on August 7. 

See you there!

Online Attendee Registration Closes Sunday Night!

posted Aug 2, 2014, 4:52 PM by Bill Rutherford

Online convention attendee registration for the Capitol Limited N Scale East 2014 convention will close at 11:59pm Eastern Time on August 3 in order to give our staff to prepare badges and registration packets in time for the show. 
Don't worry if you haven't had a chance to register yet; we'll be selling convention registrations at the registration desk on-site at the convention starting at 8am on August 7. 
See you at the Capitol Limited!

Last Call for Module Registration!

posted Jul 31, 2014, 7:23 PM by Bill Rutherford

The registration period to register N scale modules for the Capitol Limited N Scale East 2014 convention will end Sunday, August 3rd at 2359 hours.  Conventioneers who have not yet registered their modules are urged to do so immediately to ensure the inclusion of their modules in one of the layout loops.

Please direct any questions to JB Weilepp at    

See the Capitol Limited Convention Convention Cars!

posted Jul 31, 2014, 6:49 PM by Bill Rutherford   [ updated Jul 31, 2014, 6:50 PM ]

Micro-Trains have updated their website to display the Capitol Limited N Scale East 2014 convention car! 

This looks even better "in the flesh" than the initial artwork did - and you can order yours from our Extra Fare Convention Car page!

July 31 Layout Diagram Update

posted Jul 31, 2014, 1:30 PM by Steven Jackson

Hello all,

A couple of attendees contacted me to report errors and/or to request that their modules be moved to be closer to their fellow club members. We also had a few new module registrations. Yes, you can still register modules.

In addition, enough oNeTRAK modules were registered to add that to the layout. A oNeTRAK T-module is attached to Allegheny, but the details will have to wait until the next update when the remainder of the modules are registered.

As usual, I have included a summary of the changes below; however, only the following Divisions were affected: Piedmont, Blue Ridge, and Allegheny.

If you have additional changes, please contact me. See you next week!


++++Detailed notes++++

Piedmont Division:
-Per attendee 1061 change of plans, removed modules (6x worth)
-Modules (6x worth) from attendee 1088 were moved
-Newly-registered modules (8x worth) from attendee 1024 were added

New River Division:
-no changes

Blue Ridge Division:
-Moved module from attendee1106 to Allegheny
-Added mountain module from attendee 1116 and moved module from attendee 1113
-Moved module from attendee 1078 to other side of loop

Shenandoah Division:
-no changes

Allegheny Division:
-General re-arrangement to add oNeTRAK T-Module into layout
-Removed two erroneous modules from attendee 1092
-Moved attendee 1106 module from Blue Ridge to be closer to other club members (1108 & 1092) and also added 2nd module for 1106
-oNeTRAK junction from attendee 1017 added
-Added module for attendee 9999

Convention Load-In Instructions

posted Jul 31, 2014, 6:37 AM by Bill Rutherford

Capitol Limited N Scale East 2014

Load-In Instructions



The Dulles Expo Center is located at 4320 Chantilly Shopping Center in Chantilly VA., just off Willard Road and VA Route 28 (Sully Road).


The Capitol Limited N Scale East 2014 layout will be comprised of four NTRAK layouts, one T-TRAK layout, one Nn3, layout, as well as one or two free standing N scale exhibits.  See for a diagram of the convention layout.


The load-in of N scale modules will begin Thursday, August 7th.  Conventioneers will be able to walk-in their modules beginning in the morning.  The loading dock will open around 1300 hours (1:00 p.m.). Round the clock security of the Center begins at that time.  Load-in on Thursday will continue until 2000 hours (8:00 p.m.) at which time the Center will be closed to us.  Set up continues Friday morning, August 8th, beginning at 0830 (8:30 a.m.).  We anticipate that all modules will be in place prior to the arrival of vendors beginning around 1200 hours (noon) Friday.  As loops come on-line, conventioneers will be able to run trains until 2000 hours (8:00 p.m.).


Access to the Dulles Expo Center will be through two entrances, a drive in door located on the north side of the Center and a walk in door next to the public entrance on the west side of the Center.  As we will be setting up prior to the arrival of vendors beginning Friday, we should have no difficulty driving into the Center to unload modules and equipment. 


Please note: trailers will not be permitted to be parked inside the Center as every square foot will be in use for the convention. Parking for trailers will be available in a lot across from the Center. There will be no fee for parking trailers there.


NTRAK modules from the Jersey Central/Southern New Jersey NTRAK loop will be located in the Piedmont Division.  They will share space with the convention’s T-TRAK layout.  Modules representing the Eastern N Lines Partnership will reside in the New River Division and NTRAK modules from the Central Carolina N Scalers will reside in the Allegheny Division. These loop areas will be marked on the floor with blue tape.


Three loops of NTRAK modules will comprise the Blue Ridge, Shenandoah and Allegheny Divisions.  This group will include all NTRAK modules that are not part of Jersey Central/Southern New Jersey, Eastern N Lines, or Central Carolina layouts.  Conventioneers should be able to locate where their modules will be located using the diagram posted at  Printed diagrams will be available at the convention.


Members of Northern Virginia NTRAK will be on hand to direct conventioneers and their modules to the proper locations for their modules.  Just look for someone wearing a yellow polo shirt bearing the convention logo.

Posted OBO JB Weilepp

T-TRAK at the Capitol Limited!

posted Jul 27, 2014, 1:51 PM by Bill Rutherford

A large multi-loop multi-club T-TRAK layout will be among the many layouts on the convention floor at our convention this August (more info at in Chantilly.

The layout is basically full at this point, but we might be able to squeeze in a couple more modules; however, even if you can't provide a module, come on over and run with us! The layout will consist of one large loop that runs the perimeter of the whole layout providing a mainline that is over 200 feet long! Several smaller inside loops will also be available. We will have our power systems set up so that we can easily switch between direct current (DC) and digital command control (DCC) power.

Please contact Steve Jackson ( the T-TRAK coordinator if you have any questions about running on the T-TRAK layout.

July 27 layout diagram update

posted Jul 27, 2014, 12:04 PM by Steven Jackson

Hello all,

I have a new layout diagram version for you. I have now removed all unassigned modules from the NTRAK layouts and reduced the loop sizes accordingly. I have also moved a few NTRAK modules between the Divisions as detailed below to help even out the sizes of the loops. I have room to add more NTRAK modules, particularly in the Allegheny loop, but will do that as modules are registered.

In addition, Bill Rutherford's recent note indicated that load-in instructions have gone out; however, they have not. You can expect those to come out in the next couple of days.


++++Detailed notes++++
-The 120V A/C power drops for the layouts were added to the diagram as red ovals.

Piedmont Division:
-Layouts (2) from registrant 1074 moved to Blue Ridge Division

New River Division:
-Layout diagram has been updated by ENL; however, because the dimensions remain unchanged (24' x 60'), it has not been updated.

Blue Ridge Division:
-Removed unassigned modules.
-Modules from registrant 1092 and 1108 moved to Allegheny Division
-Added layouts from registrant 1074 (moved from Piedmont)

Shenandoah Division:
-Removed unassigned modules.
-Moved modules from registrant 1099 to the other side of the loop.
-Moved lift bridge from registrant 9999 to the other side of the loop
-Module from registrant 1090 moved to Allegheny Division
-Moved Nn3 layout.

Allegheny Division:
-Removed unassigned modules.
-Added moved modules from registrants 1090, 1092, and 1108.
-Added newly registered modules from registrants 1091, 1190, 1024, and Scott W. (registrant numbers not yet available)
-Moved modules from registrants 1022 and 1092 to the other side of the loop.
-Central Carolina N Scalers layout moved.

What do I do when I get to the show?

posted Jul 26, 2014, 9:24 PM by Bill Rutherford   [ updated Jul 26, 2014, 9:25 PM ]

You've checked into your hotel and now you're at the Dulles Expo Center, site of the Capitol Limited N Scale East 2014 convention!  What do you do now?

The first thing you'll want to do is to get your pre-registration packet.  Collar the first person you see wearing a yellow staff shirt (you'll know who they are - tasteful yellow golf shirts with the Capitol Limited logo on the chest along with their names) and ask them to point you at the registration desk.  This will be back in the layout area next to the Company Store.

Registration and Company Store hours conveniently match and are:

*  Thursday 8am - 8pm
*  Friday 8am - 8pm
*  Saturday 8am - 4pm
*  Sunday 8am - 4pm

When you get to the registration desk, identify yourself and the staff member manning the desk will provide you your registration packet.  This will include, as applicable, the following:

*  Your name badge and badge-holder
*  Your convention car claim check and tour tickets 
*  Your rail pass / auction bidding card  (see previous announcement)
*  Your convention pin
*  Convention information as well as information about the layout tours and railfanning opportunities
*  A copy of the clinic schedule

Put on your badge, provide your convention car claim check to the Company Store representative who will give you in exchange your convention car(s), hang on to everything else, and you'll be ready to run trains!

You'll also find available at the Company Store more convention pins for sale (in case you want more than one), the Fairfax Station craftsman kit, the convention car, and numerous other items. 

If you brought one or more modules to incorporate into the layout you will receive deployment instructions upon your arrival.  With your badge on you'll be all set to follow 'em!

If you have any questions about registration pick-up or the Company Store please contact our Registrar Bill Rutherford (email or our Company Store Manager, Kent Smiley (email for further information.

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