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July 20 layout diagram update

posted Jul 20, 2014, 12:54 PM by Steven Jackson
Hello All,

The layout diagram has been updated again to reflect recent module registrations. There is still plenty of room, particularly in the NTRAK layout. I don't yet know when we will cut off module registration, but it will have to be soon so we can make decisions about how to button up the layouts and fill any existing gaps.

I attached a brief summary of the updates below.


Shenandoah Division:
Added 16' NTRAK setup yard, attendee 1099

Blue Ridge Division:
Added 8' NTRAK module set, attendee 1106
Added 4' NTRAK Green line module, attendee 1113
Added 4' NTRAK module, attendee 1009

Piedmont Division:
Added 2 T-TRAK singles, attendee 1011
Added 2 T-TRAK singles, attendee 1104
Added 2 T-TRAK 5-foot sets, attendee 1111
Added 1 T-TRAK 8-foot set, attendee 1111
Added 1 T-TRAK 4-foots-curve, attendee 1113
Added 4 T-TRAK singles, attendee 1113
Added 1 T-TRAK single, attendee 1069
Added 4 T-TRAK junctions, attendee 1107
Added a T-TRAK 5- double deep section, attendee 1107
Steven Jackson,
Jul 20, 2014, 12:54 PM