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July 27 layout diagram update

posted Jul 27, 2014, 12:04 PM by Steven Jackson
Hello all,

I have a new layout diagram version for you. I have now removed all unassigned modules from the NTRAK layouts and reduced the loop sizes accordingly. I have also moved a few NTRAK modules between the Divisions as detailed below to help even out the sizes of the loops. I have room to add more NTRAK modules, particularly in the Allegheny loop, but will do that as modules are registered.

In addition, Bill Rutherford's recent note indicated that load-in instructions have gone out; however, they have not. You can expect those to come out in the next couple of days.


++++Detailed notes++++
-The 120V A/C power drops for the layouts were added to the diagram as red ovals.

Piedmont Division:
-Layouts (2) from registrant 1074 moved to Blue Ridge Division

New River Division:
-Layout diagram has been updated by ENL; however, because the dimensions remain unchanged (24' x 60'), it has not been updated.

Blue Ridge Division:
-Removed unassigned modules.
-Modules from registrant 1092 and 1108 moved to Allegheny Division
-Added layouts from registrant 1074 (moved from Piedmont)

Shenandoah Division:
-Removed unassigned modules.
-Moved modules from registrant 1099 to the other side of the loop.
-Moved lift bridge from registrant 9999 to the other side of the loop
-Module from registrant 1090 moved to Allegheny Division
-Moved Nn3 layout.

Allegheny Division:
-Removed unassigned modules.
-Added moved modules from registrants 1090, 1092, and 1108.
-Added newly registered modules from registrants 1091, 1190, 1024, and Scott W. (registrant numbers not yet available)
-Moved modules from registrants 1022 and 1092 to the other side of the loop.
-Central Carolina N Scalers layout moved.
Steven Jackson,
Jul 27, 2014, 12:04 PM