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July 31 Layout Diagram Update

posted Jul 31, 2014, 1:30 PM by Steven Jackson
Hello all,

A couple of attendees contacted me to report errors and/or to request that their modules be moved to be closer to their fellow club members. We also had a few new module registrations. Yes, you can still register modules.

In addition, enough oNeTRAK modules were registered to add that to the layout. A oNeTRAK T-module is attached to Allegheny, but the details will have to wait until the next update when the remainder of the modules are registered.

As usual, I have included a summary of the changes below; however, only the following Divisions were affected: Piedmont, Blue Ridge, and Allegheny.

If you have additional changes, please contact me. See you next week!


++++Detailed notes++++

Piedmont Division:
-Per attendee 1061 change of plans, removed modules (6x worth)
-Modules (6x worth) from attendee 1088 were moved
-Newly-registered modules (8x worth) from attendee 1024 were added

New River Division:
-no changes

Blue Ridge Division:
-Moved module from attendee1106 to Allegheny
-Added mountain module from attendee 1116 and moved module from attendee 1113
-Moved module from attendee 1078 to other side of loop

Shenandoah Division:
-no changes

Allegheny Division:
-General re-arrangement to add oNeTRAK T-Module into layout
-Removed two erroneous modules from attendee 1092
-Moved attendee 1106 module from Blue Ridge to be closer to other club members (1108 & 1092) and also added 2nd module for 1106
-oNeTRAK junction from attendee 1017 added
-Added module for attendee 9999

Steven Jackson,
Jul 31, 2014, 1:40 PM